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ZAOGE Mission

Let practitioners feel more at ease.

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Business Idea

We are focusing on a particular business, pursuing sustainable development.

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ZAOGE Talent Concept

Integrity, major situation.

Have personality and reach consMake the environmental protection of rubber and plastic better!

Make investors more happy. Make managers more worry-free, ensus.

People, Nature, Harmony, ZAOGE

There is always a unique culture behind an amazing company. The culture includes people, working environment, working atmosphere, natural environment, and harmonious workplace.

For over 40 years, numerous ZAOGE staffs have been proud of being a member of the ZAOGE group.

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● First: Industry leader

We are the industry leader, The market share of products in multiple industries is as high as 38.6

Cumulative global sales of more than 115,000 units

● Second: Production ability

Thoughtful products are the life of an enterprise, and also a powerful driving force for us to go to glory. Zaoge  Intelligent Technology introduces advanced production equipment to continuously innovate and optimize design and production technology, and practice the overall solution of rubber and plastic industry 4.0 with ingenuity.

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