Drying And Conveying

Drying And Conveying

A dryer removes moisture from materials quickly and effectively using hot air or other methods, meeting the drying requirements in production. A material suction machine utilizes negative pressure principles to transport, process, or store materials by using airflow generated by a fan, providing a fast and convenient material conveying solution for industrial sectors such as plastic processing, powder handling, and granular materials.

Drying Equipment for Plastics Processing

● Rapid and even heating with precise control.
● Equipped with over-temperature protection for safety and reliability.
● Can be equipped with a timer, hot air recycling, and a stand.


Industrial Vacuum Conveyors for Sale

● Small in size, easy to move the whole machine and easy to install;
● Equipped with a wired controller for convenient operation;
● Comes with motor start protection, carbon brush fault and usage time reminder;
● The hopper and base can be adjusted in any direction;
● Equipped with a differential pressure switch and filter clogging alarm function;
● Equipped with an automatic cleaning device to reduce the frequency of manual cleaning.