Auto Parts Plastic Recycling Shredder-Bosch Automotive

Auto Parts Plastic Recycling Shredder-Bosch Automotive

Plastic heated once, will produce a plasticization of the physical properties of the destruction. Heating from room temperature to high temperature, injection molding, spouting material at this time from high temperature back to room temperature, it will adsorb water and dust in the air, the physical properties of the beginning of the change, generally speaking, after 2-3 hours of its physical properties will reach a plasticization of the destruction of 100%. The heat crushing and recycling equipment is taken out at high temperatures in the mouth of the material, immediately put into the crushing, within 30 seconds to automatically complete the sieve powder and the proportion of mixing, immediately into the screw for immediate use, and does not affect the quality of the product and the new material to make the product is almost the same, are able to meet the requirements of environmental quality.

Efficient solution to the waste problem, low-speed crushing and recycling machine to help the auto parts industry to achieve sustainable development

Low-speed crushing and recycling machine in the treatment of automotive parts industry has multiple advantages in the sprues. First of all, it adopts low-speed crushing process, which can effectively reduce the noise and dust generated during the crushing, and can also maintain the integrity of the material properties and quality stability. Secondly, the adjustable particle size of the equipment can be flexibly customized according to different needs. In addition, the low-speed crushing and recycling machine also has the characteristics of low noise, low energy consumption and environmental emissions, in line with the requirements of green production.

The application of low-speed crushing and recycling machine can bring multiple benefits. Firstly, it can maximize the use of sprues resources, reduce the generation of waste materials and lower the environmental load. Secondly, by recycling sprues, enterprises can reduce the cost of raw material procurement and improve the efficiency of resource utilization. In addition, using recycled pellets for regeneration production can also improve product quality and sustainability to meet market demand.

As a leading supplier to the automotive parts industry, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality low-speed shredding and recycling machines. Our equipment is carefully designed and optimized for reliable performance and long-lasting durability. We also offer customized solutions with equipment configurations and technical support as per the needs of our customers.

By introducing low-speed shredders and recyclers, the automotive parts industry can achieve efficient recycling of sprues and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly production. We invite you to learn more about our products and contact us to work together towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Post time: Oct-16-2023