Electronic Connector-Amphenol

Electronic Connector-Amphenol

Plastic heated once, will produce a plasticization of the physical properties of the destruction. Heating from room temperature to high temperature, injection molding, spouting material at this time from high temperature back to room temperature, it will adsorb water and dust in the air, the physical properties of the beginning of the change, generally speaking, after 2-3 hours of its physical properties will reach a plasticization of the destruction of 100%.

The heat crushing and recycling equipment is to take out the material at high temperatures in the mouth of the water, immediately put into the crushing, within 30 seconds to automatically complete the sieve powder and the proportion of mixing, immediately into the screw for immediate use, and does not affect the quality of the product and the new material to make the product is almost the same, are able to meet the requirements of environmental quality.

Efficient and environmentally friendly reuse, slow crushing recycling machine to solve the problem of electronic connector industry sprues

In the electronic connector industry in the injection molding process, often produces a large number of sprues. These sprues not only occupy space, but also cause waste to resource utilization and the environment. In order to solve this problem, slow crushing and recycling machine came into being.

Slow crushing and recycling machine has multiple advantages in dealing with the sprues in the electronic connector industry. First of all, it adopts slow double-layer crushing and screenless technology, which can effectively reduce the noise and dust generation, completely OPEN cleaning, color change and material change is more simple, in addition, slow crushing and recycling machine also has the characteristics of low noise, low energy consumption and environmental protection emissions, in line with the requirements of green production.

Post time: Oct-16-2023