Power Cord Plug-Bull Group Co., Ltd.

Power Cord Plug-Bull Group Co., Ltd.

Zaoge crusher main R & D products are all kinds of rubber and plastic crushing environmental protection utilization integration, small simple intelligent central feeding system, rubber and plastic environmental protection granulation plant equipment, shaped or large pieces of plastic crushing production line, and plastic crusher, edge crusher, spouting crusher, plastic crusher injection molding peripheral auxiliary equipment manufacturers. So far, we have cooperated with ten million companies, including Bull Group Co.

Bull Group Co., Ltd. is one of the top 500 comprehensive enterprises in the manufacturing industry, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. The company's main business involves the research, development, production and sales of power plugs, wires, cables, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures and other products.

It is a modernized enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. Bull Group's products are widely used in various fields such as household, commercial and industrial sectors, and enjoy a high reputation in domestic and international markets.

After using Zaoge's silent crusher, Bull Group Co., Ltd. obtained satisfactory results. The equipment can not only quickly and efficiently handle water inlet materials but also significantly reduce the cost of purchasing plastic materials and the time required for water inlet material treatment. This saves costs for the enterprise and greatly improves production efficiency and environmental protection level.

In addition, the energy-saving and consumption-reducing characteristics of the equipment make the production process more quiet, comfortable, and environmentally friendly, adding brilliance to the enterprise's environmental image and social responsibility.

In summary, the customized silent crusher and automatic drying and conveying system produced by Zaoge Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. perform well in Bull Group Co., Ltd.'s production. Bull Group will continue to cooperate with Zaoge Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly promote the development of rubber and plastic environmental protection industries and make greater contributions to sustainable development.

Post time: Oct-18-2023