Power Cord Plug-Volex Group plc

Power Cord Plug-Volex Group plc

Volex Group plc The company remains a family-run company centered in the United Kingdom. Products now include wiring systems for cars, buses, and trucks, power and TV cables, batteries, and lighting accessories, as well as household plugs, sockets, fuses, and switches.

Power cords are an integral part of the above industries, and as technology advances and products continue to evolve, the injection molded power cord and plug industry continues to innovate and improve to meet changing market demands.

The biggest cost burden of the plastic manufacturing industry is the purchase of long-term plastic materials, and "reducing costs and improve quality" is the goal of every business owner. How to better achieve environmental protection and material saving, reduce the purchase cost of materials and labor and site, this for injection molding or extrusion molding of the water outlet material online thermal shredding equipment came into being.

Volex Group plc visited zaoge crusher and found that a customized silent crusher for PVC and TPE power cord plugs, as well as drying and automated conveying of the plastic material, met the need for good quality, high efficiency, and low noise levels.

Zaoge Crusher originated from Taiwan Wanmeng Machinery, founded in 1977, has been committed to the research, development, production, and sales service of various high-quality, high-performance rubber and plastic utilization and recycling equipment for the past 40 years, with supporting mechanical processing and advanced assembly production workshop.

At present zaoge crusher's main R & D products are a variety of rubber and plastic crushing environmentally friendly use of integrated, small, and simple intelligent central feeding systems, rubber and plastic environmentally friendly pelletizing plant equipment, shaped or large pieces of plastic crushing production line, and plastic crusher, machine edge crusher, sprues crusher, plastic crusher, plastic crusher, and other injection molding peripheral auxiliary equipment manufacturers. Each type of equipment is to promote the plastics industry to energy efficient, convenient, environmentally friendly, and other all-round development of the sharp instrument, they give new life to the plastic!

Post time: Oct-18-2023