Power Cord Plug-Wisonic Medical

Power Cord Plug-Wisonic Medical

Dongsheng's main business involves the research, development, production and sales of power plugs, wires, cables, electrical appliances and lamps.

With the progress of science and technology and the continuous development of products, the injection molding power cord plug industry is also constantly innovating and improving. Therefore the biggest cost burden is the purchase of long-term plastic material. In order to save the material for environmental protection, reduce the cost of purchasing material and labor and site.

Zaoge crusher utilizes a more scientific solution, specializing in the immediate crushing of PVC, PE and halogen free sprues. This soft plastic sprues immediate crusher and recycling machine is noiseless, easy to clean and simple to operate.

Zaoge crusher has the following features:

1. Fast and efficient

The crusher adopts advanced crushing technology and unique cutting structure, within 30 seconds can quickly power cord plug sprues or defective products crushed into a very uniform plastic particles and can be transported to the screw at the immediate use of environmental protection.

2. Sieve powder separation

The equipment has precise separation function, which can effectively separate the sprues and their powder, and provide quality assurance for further utilization and recycling.

3. Quality Improvement

After the sprues are taken out from the mold, they are immediately crushed and recycled, at this time, the sprues are the driest and cleanest, and the destruction of physical properties is also the smallest factor. The physical properties of the plastic - strength, stress, color and gloss and other qualities of the plastic is effectively guaranteed to improve.

4. Save money

Production of a batch of customer orders, the sprues on-site immediately low-carbon, environmentally friendly recycling, as long as the purchase of products required for the rubber, thus reducing the sprues accounted for 20%, immediately saving 20% of the purchase of plastic raw materials funds.

5. Easy management

Save the site storage, save the collection, sorting, crushing, bagging, regeneration granulation, classification and storage of labor and special equipment required, directly increase the net profit of enterprises.

6. Environmental protection and energy saving

Immediate crushing and recycling machine adopts advanced energy management technology, energy saving and consumption reduction, the products are in line with environmental protection requirements, providing a reliable way to reuse resources, increasing the profits of enterprises.

7. Good environment

As an environmentally friendly solution for the power cord plug industry, the Socket Material Immediate Crushing Recycling Machine provides an efficient and reliable way for enterprises to recycle. It improves efficiency and quality, realizes resource reuse, injects new vitality and sustainable development into the power cord plug industry, and contributes to environmental protection.

Post time: Oct-18-2023