What is mould temperature controller?

What is mould temperature controller?

A mould temperature controller, also known as a mold temperature control unit or a mold temperature regulator, is a device used in plastic injection molding and other molding processes to control and maintain the temperature of the mold or tooling.


During the molding process, molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity, where it cools and solidifies to form the desired shape. The temperature of the mold plays a crucial role in this process, as it affects the quality, dimensional accuracy, and cycle time of the molded parts.

A mold temperature controller works by circulating a heat transfer fluid, typically water or oil, through channels or passages in the mold. The controller consists of a heating and cooling system, a pump, a temperature control unit, sensors, and control mechanisms.

Here’s how a mold temperature controller typically operates:

Heating: If the mold temperature is below the desired set point, the controller activates the heating system, which heats the fluid to the desired temperature.

Cooling: If the mold temperature is above the desired set point, the controller activates the cooling system. The fluid is cooled to the desired temperature before circulating it through the mold.

Circulation: The pump circulates the temperature-controlled fluid through the mold’s cooling channels, absorbing heat from the mold when cooling is required or providing heat when heating is necessary.

Temperature control: The controller monitors the temperature of the mold using temperature sensors. It compares the actual temperature with the set point and adjusts the heating or cooling systems accordingly to maintain the desired temperature.

By precisely controlling the mold temperature, a mold temperature controller helps achieve consistent part quality, reduces cycle times, minimizes war page, and improves overall efficiency in the molding process.

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